Why Use Modular or Portable Cabins

Today’s business sectors are very dynamic where quality, time and cost plays an important role in defining company’s growth. To remain in the competition an organization must think tactically and strategically and adapt agility, moving faster than its competition to thrive in. But the current situation in the construction industry is moving slow compare to other sectors and they are very labor intensive with lots of risk associated with the market and weather conditions. This industry since the last forty years is lacking in productivity owing to the less use of advanced technology. To improve the construction industry with respect to time, quality and cost; Modular construction has been encouraged. Modular construction and portable cabins allows the construction site to be moved to manufacturing facility for the major part of the building. This significantly improves the productivity and considerably reduces the risk related to weather conditions. Modular and portable buildings also are very cost effective since they provide compressed and light weight building solutions.
portable site cabin

What is Modular building construction

Modular construction is a construction process in which the building structure is constructed off site in a manufacturing facility. The modular buildings uses the similar kind of materials but have efficient design as that of traditionally built structures. But they are built much quickly and at half the cost. In modular design, buildings are built in part or modules that are put together at the site location.

After the industrial revolution in the late nineteenth century, many builders and architects have explored prefabrication concepts and methods. In this type of modular construction, the components of building are assembled in the factory and then are transported to construction site for installation. Modular portable cabins represents a specific type of prefabrication in which the module building components are assembled off – site.